V1 Video Capture

The Latest in high speed video systems, V1 video allows multiple views of a golfers swing for accurate analysis. Lesson reviews emailed directly to students are a great way to make sure players practice efficiently between sessions. V1 makes it easy to exchange videos and analysis even when players can't make it to the Learning Center.

Trackman 4

The standard in technology, dual Doppler radars measure every metric of the golf club and ball during a swing.  From club fitting, instruction, games, tests, and experimentation, Trackman 4 provides the most accurate information available to provide faster results for all golfers. "Why guess when you can measure?!" 


SAM Puttlab

Science And Motion puttlab accurately measures putting strokes and provides feed back on club movement, wrist movement, and head movement, providing a 3D visual of the putting stroke. 

Boditrack Pressure Mapping

Boditrak measures pressure shifts during movement, weight distribution at address, and proves a great tool for training correct Ground Force Reactions. These metrics can provide valuable information in creating more speed, more stability, and overall more efficient movements in golf swings.